Equities Tools

Reliable real-time market data and analysis tools for every level of trader.

Stock Ticker

Customize our ticker with your own watch list and execute buy/sell orders with just a click. It even detaches so you can watch your stocks while you multi-task.

Financial Screener

Find the stock that’s right for you. Use the Financial Screener to search company data for trading opportunities via country or industry by assessing price, risk, revenue, earnings data and many other fundamental indicators.

Interactive Charting

Support your trading strategy with dynamic, customizable charts to spot important trends.

Quote Tools

Instantly access free quotes for North American stocks, options, mutual funds, and fixed income products, providing an in-depth view of market activities and liquidity.

  • Stocks: Detailed quote overview at a glance providing full stock quotes including  fundamental data such as market cap, dividend, yield, EPS, P/E ratios, customizeable charts, company news, analysts ratings, financials as well as business and industry information. Free real-time quotes provide dividend, yield, EPS and more for U.S. and Canadian stocks. Level 2 quotes show the latest buy and sell orders for Canadian stocks. Time and sales data to help you predict short-term price changes and time your trades. Multi-quotes to speed-up research by retrieving up to 10 stock quotes at a time.
  • Options: Option chains let you track your contracts or search delayed quotes in an easy-to-read format.
  • Mutual Funds: Charts, net asset value and more, for thousands of Canadian mutual funds.
  • Fixed Income: Screen a wide range of Canadian fixed income products by term-to-maturity and product type.

Market Overview

Gain a better perspective on the markets and some quick insight into the day’s news and trends, with our consolidated Market Overview. This includes a snapshot of percentage gainers and losers as well as a list of the most active stocks.

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