Morningstar Company Reports

Take control of your investment strategy with our free equity research and pick lists, powered by Morningstar®.

Available on over 400 Canadian and U.S. companies, Morningstar’s consolidated stock reports help you quickly understand how a company stacks up and whether its stock is over- or under-valued, from the unbiased perspective of Morningstar’s independent analysts.

Make better trading decisions with Morningstar’s proprietary indicators such as ...

  • Concise Reports: Quickly understand a company’s strengths and weaknesses in well-written, insightful reports.
  • Unbiased Opinions: Learn what Morningstar’s industry experts think about a company and how it stacks up to its competitors.
  • Bulls Say / Bears Say: Weigh the cases for and against investing in a company.
  • The Morningstar Rating™ for Stocks: Is the stock overvalued or undervalued?
  • Fair Value Estimate: What do Morningstar’s analysts think the company’s shares are worth?
  • Economic Moat™ Rating: Does a company have competitive advantages that will protect its profits from being eroded by competitors?
  • Stewardship Grade: What do Morningstar’s analysts think about the quality of a company’s management ethics and corporate governance?
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