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Stay informed – get news coverage as it hits the wire from over 20 top news sources. Our robust news searchability feature enables you to search for news items by symbol, making it easier to find the day’s top stories on the topics that may impact your investment portfolio.


Save time, and manage your portfolio more effectively, by setting one-time custom alerts to feed you the information that matters to you – even when you’re not on the trading site.

  • Stock Alerts: Stay on top of the markets by receiving breaking stock alerts via email for pre-set or customizable price targets.
  • Technical Alerts: Get trading ideas with daily technical pattern alerts on stocks you’re watching or on the day’s bullish and bearish performers.
  • Margin Alerts: Manage your margin accounts more effectively. Receive email alerts for margin calls or excess margin in your account.

Log in to your account, click on the Tools > Alerts tab to create and manage your alerts.

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