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Getting Started

Email Address

To use the online application you’ll need an email address. If you don't have one, visit the Open an Account Offline page to fill out a paper application.

If you've already started an online application, but haven't completed it, you will not be able to start a second application using the same email address. Please contact customer support if you require assistance.

Financial Institution Transit#, Institution#, and Your Account#

This information can be found at the bottom of your cheque. This account will be used for Electronic Fund Transfers between your Credential Direct trading account and your credit union or bank.

Government Issued Photo ID#

To verify your identity we need a clear legible photocopy of a valid government-issued photo ID for each applicant. Acceptable forms of ID include a driver’s licence, passport, or a permanent resident card. For a driver’s licence photocopy both front and back. Saskatchewan and Manitoba residents, photocopy the photo and certificate portion. Provincial health cards are not acceptable. If you don’t have one of the above, please call our Customer Support department for assistance. Note: If you are a citizen of another country, you will need to also submit a copy of your passport or permanent resident card.

Personal Cheque

$10 personal cheque (minimum) payable to Credential Direct is required to meet regulatory requirements. No money orders or drafts, please. Your cheque should be from the same chequing account you provide in your application. Your chequing account will be used to electronically transfer monies in to and out of your Credential Direct trading account.


Credential Direct uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your information online. This is the highest standard of encryption available today.

Minimum Software Requirements

  • Internet Explorer Version 7.0 or higher. Download from The latest Version of Internet Explorer (e.g. IE v8.0) recommended.
    • Credential Direct has not been fully tested on Netscape or FireFox, so we recommend Internet Explorer.
  • 128-bit encryption. To determine, on browser main menu select Help>About Internet Explorer. Cipher Strength (usually second item listed) should be '128-bit'. Upgrade at
  • Settings.
    • Cookies. On browser main menu Tools>Internet Options>Security Tab>Custom Level. Under 'Cookies', set both settings to 'Enable'
    • ActiveX. On browser main menu Tools>Internet Options>Security Tab>Custom Level. Under 'ActiveX control and plug-ins' set:
      • 'Download Signed ActiveX Controls' to 'Enable' or 'Prompt'
      • 'Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins' to 'Enable' or 'Prompt'
      • 'Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting' to 'Enable' or 'Prompt'
    • Windows. On browser main menu Tools>Internet Options>Advanced Tab. Under 'Browsing', the 'Reuse windows for launching shortcuts' should NOT be selected.
    • Trusted Site. If Microsoft Windows XP SP2 is installed and the pop-up blocker is active, on browser main menu Tools>Internet Options>Security Tab>Trusted Sites>Sites and add as trusted site.
  • Acrobat Reader.
    • Version 8.0 or higher. Download at
    • Settings. On Acrobat main menu select Edit>Preferences>Web Browser Options. Ensure 'Display PDF in Browser' is checked.
  • Internet Access. Any type of connection such as dial-up, LAN, ISDN, etc. At least 56.6 kbps. High speed connection recommended.


If you've been inactive on a page for more than 20 minutes, your session will automatically end. This prevents anyone from accessing your information while you may be away from your computer. If you've already started the application your information will be saved to the last completed page.


Privacy requires consent to use and collect information. Without this consent, the application cannot be opened.

Start Application


Your Application# is amulet to you as soon as you enter your email address and password on the Start Application page. It appears on every subsequent page of the application and on the Welcome and Privacy pages of your printed application. If you can't remember the Application# search your inbox for a message from with the subject line 'Credential Direct: Application #XXXX'.

Case Sensitive

Use the exact same combination of capital and lower case letters and symbols. MyUserName@ is not the same as myusername3.


PRO Account

If you, your spouse, a household member, or the joint applicant is employed with an Investment Dealers Association (IDA) Member firm you are considered a Pro. To view the list of IDA Member firms visit


Employer's Name

We require your, your spouse's, or your joint applicant's employment information to verify if your account should be set up as a Pro account. If you don't have an employer enter 'NA' in the appropriate fields.

Legal Land or Street Address

The actual location of your home or business, i.e. not a post office box.

Politically Exposed Foreign Person

A politically exposed foreign person is an individual who holds or has ever held one of the following offices or positions in or on behalf of a foreign country

  • A head of state or government
  • A member of the executive council of government or member of a legislature
  • A deputy minister (or equivalent)
  • An ambassador or an ambassador's attaché or counsellor
  • A military general (or higher rank)
  • A president of a state-owned company or bank
  • A head of a government agency
  • A judge
  • A leader or president of a political party in a legislature

Family Member of a PEFP

Family members include:

  • Mother or father
  • Child
  • Spouse or common-law partner
  • Spouse's or common-law partner's mother or father
  • Brother, sister, half-brother or half-sister (that is, any child of the individual's mother or father)


Credential Direct is available to all residents of Canada.


If you're not a resident of Canada, and want to open an account, please call our Customer Support to see if you may be eligible.


Type of Business/Occupation

We require your, your spouse's, or your joint applicant's employment information to verify if your account should be set up as a Pro account. If you, your spouse, a household member or joint applicant is employed with an Investment Dealers Association (IDA) Member firm you are considered a PRO.

Designation of Beneficiary (Registered Accounts)

In the event of the registered plan holder's death, the beneficiary will receive the proceeds payable under the registered plan.


Duplicate Trade Confirmations and Statements

You may opt to have duplicate copies of trade confirmations and monthly statements mailed to an additional person. This may be your accountant, the joint applicant or the person with Power of Attorney on the account.

Purpose of Account

The 'Purpose of Account' is the primary reason and/or goal that you intend to use your account for.

We are required by our regulators to obtain the primary purpose of every account that we open for all of our clients.


Financial Interest

This is someone who will benefit from the assets in your Credential Direct account. Additional forms may be required, call us at 1.877.742.2900 for more information.

General Power of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives someone (the Attorney) the authority to perform legal acts on behalf of another (the Donor), subject to any conditions or restrictions that may be specified in the General Power of Attorney.

Guarantee Account

A Guarantee of Account is a document that allows Credential Direct, in the event of a default of payment by an account holder to Credential Direct, to look to a person other than the account holder, who has provided guarantee of payment (the Guarantor), to settle the account holder's debt.

Trading Authorization

A person who has trading authorization on the account can be anyone you've granted the authority to buy, sell, or trade in securities for your account. This includes margin purchases, short sales, and options. This person may also be granted access to account information.


Review provides you with a summary of your responses provided throughout the entire application, and allows you to edit any errors made during the application process.

Next Steps

Unable to Print PDF

If you're unable to print the pdf application or agreements you may have two or more versions of Adobe Acrobat/Writer installed on your computer. Uninstall both versions, than reinstall the one you prefer (at least Version 8 or higher). If you still can't view or print the pdfs, contact Customer Support who will mail you a printed copy of your application and any appropriate forms which you'll need to read, sign, and mail back to Credential Direct.

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