Interested in Credential Direct’s Webinars? Keep an eye out for upcoming events and check out some of our past ones. Previous webinar topics include Joint Accounts - The good, the bad, and the ugly, Income Splitting Your Way to Lower Taxes, 7 Steps to the Perfect ETF Portfolio, and Making Charitable Giving Simple.

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Watch Past Webinars

Make Market Predictions
By Harnessing the Wisdom and Madness of Crowds

Calen Lopata, PredictWallStreet
Learn how PredictWallStreet, a tool that gathers the largest source of real-time investor sentiment data, can assist with making trading decisions.



Joint Accounts - The good, the bad and the ugly

Joan McAulay, Concentra
Senior Personal Trust Specialist at Concentra, Joan McAulay, discusses the truth about joint accounts.



Spread the Wealth - Making Charitable Giving & Philanthriopy Simple

Denise Castonguay, Canada Gives
Canada Gives Founder & CEO Denise Castonguay discusses how simple and easy charitable giving and philanthropy can be with a Donor Advised Fund (DAF).



7 Steps to the Perfect ETF Portfolio

Dan Bortolotti, Canadian Couch Potato
Join the award-winning blog creator as he walks you through the process of building the perfect ETF portfolio.



Technical Insight – A Deep Dive

Peter Ashton, Recognia
Use Recognia's tool, Technical Insight, to find new trade opportunities, validate the technical perspective of any stock or ETF, and learn how to manage your risk through the use of alerts.



Income Split Your Way to Lower Taxes

Curtis Davis and Carol Bezaire, Mackenzie Investments
Understand key income splitting strategies and how to best utilize them to lower your tax bill.



So You Think You are Ready to Retire?

Barry LaValley
Learn about the key non-financial issues you may face as you move to your next phase of life.


The Psychology Behind Successful Investing

Dr. Stephen Wendel
Learn to overcome investor biases and use them to achieve financial success.



Getting Started with Credential Direct

Andrew Devine, Credential Direct
Learn all the basics, from funding your account, to placing a trade, and monitoring your investments. Get comfortable with using Credential Direct.


Economic and Market Trends

Aimé Bwakira, Fidelity Investments
Hear about current and long-term economic and capital market trends while highlighting how active portfolio positioning can help navigate uncertain markets.


Looking for a good deal? Part 2

Peter Ashton, Recognia
Take a deeper dive into the principles and theories of value investing, and learn new ways to make the most of the Value Analyzer tool.




Looking for a good deal? Part 1

Peter Ashton, Recognia
Expand your knowledge on the principles behind value investing and learn how the new Value Analyzer research tool can take your practice of this strategy to another level.




Put Morningstar Company Reports to Work for You

Dexter McAuley, Morningstar
Learn about the importance of Economic Moats™, how to conduct meaningful company comparisons, and assess company information, using Morningstar company reports.



Introduction to Technical Analysis

Peter Ashton, Recognia
Learn how to spot key trends using chart pattern recognition, find daily trade ideas using Technical Insight and manage your risk using alerts.





Navigating the ETF Landscape

Philip Mak, BlackRock Asset Management Canada Ltd.
Better understand one of today's most popular investment opportunities – exchange traded funds (ETFs).






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