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Clarity on Investment Performance and Cost

Over the past two years, Canada’s investment industry has been making changes to better address the needs of investors. Client Relationship Model – Phase 2 (CRM2) is the name of a new set of regulations making it easier for investors to understand how their investments are performing and how much their investments cost.

What clarity means for you
Starting January 2017, you will receive two new annual reports:

  • A Performance Report
    To provide clarity about your investment performance and to help you assess your progress towards achieving your financial goals
  • A Charges and Compensation Report
    To provide clarity about the cost and fees you've paid directly from your account
  • More information about these Reports will be available October 2016.

Key Concepts

Rate of Return

There are many ways to calculate performance. In 2016, the Canadian investment industry will introduce new annual performance statements using Money Weighted Rate of Return (Internal Rate of Return). You might be familiar with Time Weighted Rate of Return, which differs significantly. This document outlines the differences between Money Weighted Rate of Return and Time Weighted Rate of Return.

Book Costs

Learn more about book cost and see examples of common calculations.

Book Costs

Management Expense Ratios

One of the main costs for a mutual fund is the Management Expense Ratio. Know what goes into this fee and how to calculate it.

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