Transferring Funds

Transferring Money In

You can transfer money into your account two ways:

  1. Electronically by Electronic Funds Transfer as a payee via your financial institution’s online bill payment system.
  2. By Mail
    Credential Direct
    800 - 1111 West Georgia Street
    Vancouver BC,  V6E 4T6


  • You can deposit securities, such as share certificates, into your account by including a completed Irrevocable Power of Attorney form along with your certificate.
  • US dollar deposits can be deposited by EFT, bank draft or cheque (issued from a Canadian financial institution). The minimum hold period for all US deposits will be 20 business days.
  • You cannot use a credit card to transfer money to your account.
  • You will be charged interest on negative cash balances.
  • If you’re transferring money into your mutual fund on a regular basis use a Systematic Plan.

Transferring Money Out

You transfer money out through one of three ways:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  2. Contact us to request a cheque (a small $10 fee applies).
  3. If you have EFT setup, contact us to have us transfer funds for you.

Electronic Funds Transfer

An EFT enables you to move U.S. or Canadian funds electronically back and forth between your chequing account and your Credential Direct trading account. There’s no charge for this service.

Request a one-time transfer, or set up a recurring transfer by logging in to your account and clicking on the Transfer Funds menu.

If you would like to add or update a chequing account (such as a U.S. bank account), send us a completed EFT form and a void cheque.


  • An EFT can take one to two business days to be reflected in your account.
  • You can place a trade in your trading account with the amount you transfer in immediately after you enter your EFT instructions.
  • Funds deposited into your trading account must be held for 10 business days before you can transfer them out.
  • US dollar EFT's can be made online through the Transfer Funds page, or requested by phone. U.S. deposits can also be deposited by bank draft or personal cheque (issued from a Canadian financial institution). The minimum hold period for all US deposits is 20 business days.

Bill Payment

You can use your financial institution’s credit union's bill payment system to fund your Credential Direct account.

  • Login in to your credit union's online banking system, then navigate to the Web page that allows you to add vendors to your bill payment list.
  • Credential Direct is listed in the "Others" category on the bill payment list. To add us as a vendor, you must use your Credential Direct account number.
  • Your account number begins with the number “2” followed by a letter, such as 2J, 2K, 2L, 2M and 2V not CDW (CDW is your login ID.)
  • You must enter the full account number, such as 2J0000A0, 2J0000E0, 2J0000L0 or 2J0000S0 (where A, E, L or S denote the account type Cash, Margin, Margin with Options or RRSP respectively). If you’re unsure of your account type, contact us.
  • Bill payment transfers are only available for Canadian dollar accounts.

Systematic Plans for Mutual Funds

A systematic plan for mutual funds lets you automatically buy or sell mutual funds units on a regular basis.

  • You choose the amount, the frequency, and the fund you want to buy or sell.
  • We automatically place your order and deposit or withdraw the cash into your chequing account on a regular basis.
  • There’s no charge for this service.
  • Download the Systematic Plans form.

Requesting or Depositing Certificates

You can request a certificate for securities in your account by completing a Request for Registration and Shipment of Securities. We will register the securities in your name and send you a certificate of ownership. Please note that there is a charge for this service.

You can also deposit a share certificate into your Credential Direct account by sending your share certificate and a completed Irrevocable Power of Attorney form (see Forms & Account Changes for other additional forms). We recommend sending your certificates with a courier service that can trace your shipment.

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